Microrrelato: Marrone Mix ‘KISS’ (2008)

(You’re hearing instruments & voices on their own way: Turururururu p´sssss!!!! Uhhh, yeahhh. Glin, glan, glin. Pow, pow, paw, pow…)

Gilbert O’Sullivan—“What’s in a kiss, have you ever wondered just what it is? More perhaps than just a moment of bliss, tell me what’s in a kiss!”

Browne: —Hey Gilbert, I think you’re wrong!!! The point it’s not about what’s IN a kiss, but what’s ON a kiss.

Cher: —“If you wanna know if he loves you so, it´s in his kiss. That´s where it is!!!”

Browne: —C’mon, Cherlyn. Haven’t you hear me? You see, if you talk about “in a kiss” you’re only referring to the physical motion.

Faith Hill: —“It’s the way you love me, it’s a feeling like this, it’s centrifugal motion, it’s perpetual bliss, it’s that pivotal moment,  it’s, ah, subliminal. This kiss, this kiss, it’s criminal, this kiss, this kiss”.

Browne: —That’s it! You’re making the best of it!!

Al Jardine—“I wanted to let her know that I was more than a friend. I didn’t know just what to do, and so I whispered ‘I love you’. And she said that she loved me too, and then I kissed her”

Agnetha Fältskog—“But tell me does she kiss, like I used to kiss you? Does it feel the same, when she calls your name?”

Browne: —I didn’t know we had a couple here!!! (Laughs). Well… not bad, Al, but I prefer the point of view of Faith.

John “Buddy” Bailey—“But when I kissed a cop down on Thirty-Fourth and Vine, he broke my little bottle of Love Potion Number Nine”.

Browne: —But who told you to do that!!! I hope SHE was pretty, at least. Give thanks you weren’t jailed.

Seal: —“I´ve been kissed by a rose on the grey”.

Browne: —As Johnny Tillotson would say, that’s ‘Poetry in motion’. You guys are catching the point.

Burt Bacharach— “What do you get when you kiss a guy? You get enough germs to catch pneumonia. After you do, he’ll never phone you. I’ll never fall in love again”.

Browne: —Oh my God!!! Don’t spoil the Brown Session!!

Peter Cetera“My mouth is still wet from our last kiss”.

Browne: — You two only think in the physical way. You’re getting me red!!!

John Lennon: —That sounds funny, BROWNe. (Laughs)

Browne: —Look, as I have said, the most important thing is what’s ON a kiss. There are three phases. First, you’re with the girl you love and you doubt if you have to get closer to her, while your heart beats in the opposite way. Then you kiss her and you are thinking about how wonderful is this moment, holding her tight, melting your bodies… Laterly, you end….

John Lennon: —If she doesn’t slap you (Laughs)

Browne: — Hahahaha!!! You’re right, John, that happens from time to time. So, you end your kiss, you look at each other, and neither of you thinks nothing. You just are watching each other’s eyes…

Everybody: —Ohhhhhhhh!! Hooooowwww romaaaaaaantic!!!

Browne—Well, I have to go, my Thesis’ calling. Bye!!! Kisses sweeter than wine!!!

Everybody: —Muaks!!!!!

Brian Hyland: —I’ll send you all my love every day in a letter!!! Sealed with a kiss!!!!

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Jesús Marrone

Doctor en Periodismo y Licenciado en Publicidad. redactorcreativo@jesusmarrone.com

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